Aviva: Digital services for critical illness

Aviva were launching a new low-cost, critical illness product. To achieve this, customers would only be able to access their policy and make a claim online.

I conducted user research and stakeholder workshops to help the propositions team understand how this might impact customers.

UX review

I was asked to undertake a review of the entire customer experience proposed for the new product. To do this I conducted a heuristic analysis of the new website and suggested areas for usability improvements.

I then arranged research sessions with a local cancer charity to understand what a typical cancer diagnosis pathway looked like. This allowed me to map Aviva proposed customer journey with the real life diagnosis journey.

Finally, I conducted research interviews with Aviva's Critical Illness call centre team. They normally deal with newly diagnosed customers on the phone. Speaking to them allowed me to understand what impact this new digital-only claims journey could have on customers.  

This research was presented back to the team in a stakeholder workshop. The outcomes of this allowed us to make improvements to the experience, and reinforced to the team the challenges of designing digital-only products for newly diagnosed customers.